Santa Clause 3 - North Pole, North Pole

Martin Short as Jack Frost performing a holiday version of ''New York, New York'', from Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, in HD.

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///Gacha Cat\\\\\\
Ahhh I look forward to watching this movie every year. I love Jack.
Alexandra castaneda
SING what's song is that
Benjamin Fraser
The dancer at 1:59 is like \
CJ Animations
Frank Sinatra would be laughing his head off
Charley Blake
Favourite Christmas film🌲♥️
Christopher Watson
This is what i call a villain song
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan
I like the Toy Santa better than Jack Frost destroying the North Pole and using the Escape Clause on Scott and let Jack Frost puts on the Santa coat and turned the North Pole into a theme park. The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause has tons of problems. I'm just going to stick with just the two Santa Clause films. Because Bernard the head elf is in the two Santa Clause films.
For those that don't even know the original song to this beat !!
God of Evil
a Christmas trilogy that Ive come back to every single year since its inception
Indrid Cold
For a maniacal villain, Jack Frost has quite the singing voice.
I love that Santa suit
Joe Cates
martin short must have had lots of fun singing this song
Joel Almemdarez
John Zambales
Its good
Kenny Ryman
it time to bring a new update Movie that Charlie is all Grown up that he going to take his Dad Place.. and He has a half brother as well...
Lynn Jepson
Love it! Want to do it!
Mabel Ramos
i love jack frost
Mattie Hamilton
love this movie
Sammy Ketchum
I want him to do a full version of this song!! 😂😂😂
Sheldon Cooper
My New York uncle cracked up at this!
Springy Coyle
Tati Dominguez
Jeez I really love martin short 🤣🤣🤣❤️
I liked this movie the least of the trilogy, but I loved Martin Short's exceptional performance!
TheJedi OfTheEast
Only 55 below? I could probably survive in a track suit
Vampire Out Of Darkness
I don’t understand why this movie isn’t as well liked cause it’s not that bad
Vilma Salud
the dancers look depressed
Zoe's World
This one was my favorite
brian richmond
When the landlord shuts off the heat on Christmas.
Someone explain 1:44 to me. Why does the elf do that?