The Santa Clause 3:The Escape Clause-Switching Back

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Christopher Watson
And i like that he didn't have to get frost to say i wish i never been santa at all he just used a pen that had a voice recorder on it with a recording of him saying it earlier
Elijah Walker
Thanos: you should've gone for the head (snaps)! 4:02
Jack Bollingmoore
Tim Allen and Martin Short
Kathryn Hill
Scott Calvin: Goodbye, everyone! I’ll remember you all in therapy!
Paul Spivey
After Tremaines travel back to day of the slipper try on.\n\nLady Tremaine: I'm gotta go get your slipper back Anastasia.\n\nAnastasia grabs Lady Tremaine and Drizella and holds them down while their past counterparts get ready for the Duke to enter.\n\nPast Lady Tremaine: Now Remember this is your last chance don't fail me.\n\nAnastasia: Whoa Freaky.\n\nHerald: Announcing his imperial grace the grand duke.\n\nPast Lady Tremaine: You honor our humble home. May I present my daughters, Drizella, Anastasia.\n\nPast Anastasia: Your Grace.\n\nLady Tremaine: Let go Anastasia, that Slipper belongs to you.\n\nAnastasia: No mother, that slipper belongs to Cinderella'\n\nPast Anastasia: I can't understand why, it's always fit perfectly before.\n\nPast Lady Tremaine: Quiet my dear. We mustn't disturb His Grace.\n\nLady Tremaine, Yeah well you are the princes bride now.\n\nAnastasia: I don't look like the bride for the prince.\n\nPast Drizella: Of all the stupid little Idiots, I'll do it myself.\n\nLady Tremaine: I want you to have the slipper, Anastasia.\n\nGrand Duke: Quite so, Good day, Good day.\n\nCinderella: Your Grace? Your Grace. Please, wait. May I try it on?\n\nLady Tremaine: Let go Anastasia. I want you to have the slipper.\n\nAnastasia: Why Mother, Because I make such a great bride? Because all the servants love me. All the people you cast spells on they love me. Listen to me, Listen to me. Being the bride to a prince is not something you can take, it's something that chooses you.\n\nCinderella: But you see, I have the other slipper.\n\nAnastasia: And you're too late.\n\nAnastasia lets go of Lady Tremaine and Drizella and uses the wand to get back to their current time.\n\nLady Tremaine: Nooooooooooooooooo.\n\nThe Tremaines disappear by magic.