How To Play Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" on Guitar - Guitar Lesson - Les Paul

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marty you are my inspiration and you thought me most the song's and things i know on guitar same with my buddy me and from are from Australia and because of you we made a band keep up the good work you legend
Asa Davis
Great lesson man! \n\nIn the first lick, before the hammer on/pull off, you can use go from the 7th fret of the g with your ring finger to the 5th fret of the b with your pointer, instead of to the 9th of the g. This made that small section much easier for me.\n\nHere's a tab of the section how I play it:\n|---------------------\n|--------5-----------\n|--5---7---5h7p5\n|----7---------------\n|---------------------\n|---------------------
Ben Romo
Awesome to have you back! If your taking request, \
Bo Esposito
OMG after all these years.
marty i gotta tell ya compared to your last channel you are KILLIN IT used to feel like you tought more beginner stuff but this is fantastic!!
Brandon Eadie
No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age. PLEASE
Bryce Canepa
Thank you for the music brother!
Cameron Szish
crazy how you can learn an iconic song in 15 minutes. Great vid marty, always will be my #1 guitar channel
Cap'n Kat
Hey Marty, have you done a lesson for the main solo? Learnt everything but that so far.\n(Once I have it'll be the first Zep song I can play all the way through including a solo.)
Carl Sheward
Marty your brilliant thankyou so much
Cody Helms
its saying the audio is unable to play sure to copyright issues???
Connor McCreary
Marty you don't even realise how thrilled i am to see you again!! You taught me from such a young age and i am so grateful, Keep at the awesome work as you have never disappointed !
Connor Saurbier
It's been too long of a wait, Marty! I'm super stoked your back. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me as a guitarist and Asa musician. Are you using an overdrive pedal here?
Corina J
Awesome 👏
Cristobal Bragagnolo
Thanks man
Daniel John
Hey Marty I'm 13 and I've been playing for a year now. Your videos have been soooo helpful your amazing!! By far best guitar tutorials on YouTube. I was able to play black dog in one day! Thanks! Anyway have a beginner guitar currently and I am at the level to move up at around a $1200 guitar, what kind of guitar do you have and are there any specific ones you would recommend for me?\nThanks!\n\n-Daniel
Daniel Quintero
Who the f gives a thumbs down? Like nope you didn't take enough time out of your life to give something away for free. I swear
Hey Marty! I've been following you in your process of learning the internet some great guitar stuff for a long time now and you are a big inspiration. You thought me my first songs on the guitar and you are still capable of showing me new things every day! See you on the rockstage some day! Peace out and ROCK & ROLL BABY!!!
David Rackley
Marty!!! Bruv I’ve always loved your channel but on the real why do you keep asking people to subscribe? It’s so distasteful bruv your good enough to where you shouldn’t have to beg for views man like it’s beneath you. You think asking people to subscribe is what keeps bringing ppl back??? Couldn’t be more wrong😎
Dipen R Gupta
Hey, could you do a tutorial about improvisation? That'll be awesome.\nGlad to see you're back!
Felix Gabriel Montanez
Jpj wrote this riff
Fin Pender
Way easier than I thought it would be👍
My dude making it easier to play all of our favourite songs!
Gary Ford
Is that a Mesa Boogie Mark V Combo amp?
Geordan Sage
Also, could you do some more Pink Floyd?
Glenn Belen
Marty JAMZ ~ love your stuff dawg!! Keep up the great work ... !!!
Gman Manning
Marty I just worked the Allman I'm no Angel is that anywhere in you repertoire so I can compare. great work keep going...thanks very much great lessons
Harry Baier
Marty you are great\nMy wish is a lesson for LOVE LIKE A MAN from TEN YEARS AFTER
Hayden VanDyk
I just found out about your new channel yesterday, i think you should let all of your other channels know. I'm not sure if you did, but i was wondering what you were up to for a while. Glad to know you are going strong again!
I Fence ltd
Great lesson Marty thanks
Ian Morris
Hi! I'm fascinated with Your \
James Peters
cool lesson. I had most of it down, but you filled in the gaps-thanks!
Jared Jordan
Dude, I would drown my own mother to have that les Paul! It sounds amazing!
Javier Fernandez
Hey Marty, really like all your lessons, you really spend time to give us the best lessons, you have the patience to approach the ones like me who are not in an advance level, looking for lessons understandable for us. Are you in
Jo Backson
You're a good teacher. Thank you.
John Doe
Could you do a lesson for the solo as well? It's the last piece of the puzzle
Josh Mahony
Thanks for the lesson man! Awesome channel !
Joshua Rawley
Mr.Miyagi at it again... Much respect for always imparting the knowledge so effectively... Big Ups Marty!
You taught me my first song, Across the Universe, so glad you're back.
Lou Dello
Superb Marty, thank you!
Luke Rozenberg
Great lesson bro
Luke Tollett
one of the best songs ever
Marcelo S
Hi Marty . Its should be more easy with tablature together
Master Of Puppets
Him voice sonds like Peter Griffins, specialy when he sing the riff)
Matthew Kennedy
Well this is a drastic change from just playing power chords
Metal Maker.
You the man!
Mike Shockley
Mike Smith
Hey Marty, do you think you could teach some great blues riffs along with soloing? I would love to just pick up my electric and start breaking bad on it. Lol. Keep up the great work!
Great to have you back, thanks so much for the lesson!
Mitchell Goulla
nice marty, what do you got for a struggling beginner who knows the g minor pentatonic scale but im not sure what to do with it. Thanks Mitch
Mystical Jedi
Great lesson but where's the solo?
Nathan Brown
Did you also do this one on guitar jamz
Nemanja Niciforovic
Thanks for all the quality content Marty! You have helped me renew my love for guitar in an easy and fun way! You rock!
Nishant Pokhrel
black night is what i wanna learn and I can't find any lesson led Zeppelin -black night
The CULT ....
Paul Lee
Way to spread the music! You are making the world a better place. The sign of a well lived life!
Preston McCarthy
Do avenged sevenfold the stage
Ray Ross
ALERT! ALERT! Low flying, high speed incoming request for some Canadian Rock, Rush, Tragically Hip, April Wine, Kim Mitchell, BTO, man all guitar stations and play at will!
Robbie Arp
Epic Lesson brother, thank you! Do you have any plans of making a solo video to accompany this lesson?
Rory Macrae
Kashmir plsss love that song
Samuel Dube
hey Marty when the solo of this one's comming ?
Scary Spice
Guess who broke a string
Somansh gautam
iron maiden dance of death
Spencer McKay
You should do either Bridge Burning by Foo Fighters or any Dinosaur Jr. song (Start Chopping, Over It, etc.).\nAnd thanks for all the other amazing lessons.
Steven Hart
I love this channel. I think I've learnt 6 songs here!!!!!!!!!
Strick nine
first of all great work as always Marty....What an astonishingly beautiful Gibson Les Paul. !!!!!!!!
Thanks for this.
Tim Hadzisavas
Your the king....
Martin you got the best lessons. Very well explained. Well done
Tom Evans
Marty your awesome i have learnt so much from your vids
Tony Moore
Thank you so much for your channel!
Trevor McCloughan
hey Marty I think it would be cool to make a playlist of iconic riffs
Tyler Blakeney
good lesson, I wish there was a but more instruction than bah bop a bee doo doobie dobby bee boo bah bah dah bah dah du. I get that scatting out the notes is uber helpful and helps to learn the rhythm etc but I have to be honest I paused the video during the second main line and just found a tab. Other than that it's a great lesson.
Tyson Matthews
what's with the copyright
UltraNerd13 Gaming
Wow man your almost at 1 mil
What Name
Underrated guitar teacher. Well done, Marty
William Darnstaedt
that is a really beautiful les paul. Another great less. Thanks.
guillaume BARZIN
This men is very génial !!!!!!!!!!! Good guitar (i am french.............)
ian alderson
I always get stuck on the 5 7 hammer on pull off on the G string
awesome, thanks Marty. always wanted to play this, great tutorial. easy to assimilate. can you do the solo in a lesson or is that too much for 1 video?
jacob bridges
how many song I a estament do u think u know
great video! Could teach early morning rain by Gordon lightfoot? The strum version - not the finger pick version
john noeth
my go to lesson source for new stuff and improving existing chops
kyle moody
Hey Marty, any chance you have this in a tab form aswell :) your tutorials are awesome!
mark beliveau
i love your lessons can you show us rock or bust by ac dc
20 minuttes and i was playing this, as a Newbie, great guide Marty!!!!!!
At 9:13 when he said it starts back at the main riff I was like \
ray pizarro
Peter frampton style lessons???
sergeant warghost
I have the flametop epiphone with the modtone extreme metal pedal awesome chunky rock sound I get
Thanks for all the time and effort that goes into your lessons. They are a godsend to a lot of people. Peace, Steve.
Welcome back Marty! I would love to see some lessons on something like \
Marty, kudos to you my brotha'! I'm a guitar player too. Not anywhere as diverse as you but by all means advanced in Rock, Rhythm, and blues. I know that it ain't easy for an accomplished player such as yourself to relate a (with all due respect) dumbed down lesson that even a beginner can grasp... Sometimes its nice to be a little lazy and let someone else do the lifting and at those times I look to you my friend. You have a God given talent and I for one appropriate it.\nGod bless ya and take care bro!