What’s the adult version of “there is no Santa Claus”? 3

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What’s the adult version of “there is no Santa Claus”?Credit:

What’s the adult version of “there is no Santa Claus”? calbel

-Luckai- Luckaiii
What is that music i hear?\n\n\n\n\n\noOoOOh chAngEd mUSiK
1000 subs with 0 videos pls
0:47 only in america. in Europe they automatically take them.
1k Subs With No Videos
Theres no santa?
211863 chrisman
Uhm, can you please actually focus on having the videos a little longer? I understand Quality over Quantity but 2 minutes?!
3G4C Gaming
Collage is a business... Not in Scotland, uni is free for people who live there (including me). All i have to worry about paying is accomodation and food. Oh, universal healthcare is also a thing there too.
Alexander the Greater
1:19 wait, how is that a bad thing
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
According one study (the only one), praying actually correlates with fewer positive outcomes than not praying.
I know I'm not special, I'm dad.
The cheerful music on the background, tho
That last one was the worst by far. It has hurt me so much. Ouch.
thanks, dad
Beyond Tubular
*_It's all fun and games until Santa's not real and your being arrested by the fbi_*
Bizzel Boem
The mythbuster guys whernt just friends, they straight up hated eachother in the later seasons
Posting this until Calbel responds: Day 5: whats the name of this song?
Budds Bunny
I thought this would be funny or something but I had to stop like halfway through rip
ok ._.
Cabbage Hoarder
Honestly i cant say I like this series much, it's just boring. Most of the answers boil down to \
last episode! back to pictures tomorrow :)
Chara Dreemurr - Christopher Moon
Crushing the dreams of children for the 3rd time
Christian Dixon
This is just depressing...
ChristianGRPG - Vlogs!
Dude... Christmas is over.
Clorox Bleach
My favorite series
David Coulson
This video has scared me from going into the real world
Doctor Witch.
This was depressing to watch, thanks calbel :)
Ella Clarke
Mentle health days are *not* considered very important...
Ellen de Jesus
If you loose your job with a college education you can apply to 7 jobs a day for a year straight and still not get any.
Eurovision Cyan
There is no Santa Claus, *THRICE*
Obligatory comment for exposure
Sup\n\nI don't care that I'm first, I will not make a \
Foxy Plays
That last one killed me from the inside, it's true
Gabbi Durham
Last hurt like hell
Gamemaniac 85
Your hard Work pre age 21 doesnt mean anything in the real world...
1:05 Republicans are still trying to figure this out
Hagar Mahogowitz
I know your not doing more but I didn't see the fact that the srtipper pole spins not the person on it.
How to properly clean your metal computer
If Santa 2 is so great then why isn’t there a Santa 3?
I AM 22011
ImSoCrank :D
Adult version of there is no santa claus is there is no job
Last one hurt the most
Jam theWither
1:42 this scarred me the most
Jasmine DoggieTvn
I feel like Calbel is just insulting us
KU 571
The Last one really hit me
Kacy Lemon
this is actually anxiety inducing
Kenzie Pie
The adult version of finding out Santa isn’t real os finding out stripper poles spin
That mythbusters one tho 🙄😑😥
Liam 34666
If Santa 3 is so great then why isn’t there a santa 4?\n\n\n*_ThAtS hOw SaNtAcLaUs WoRkS_*
Jaime and Adam from Mythbusters, are respectively: employer and employee. They don't like each other, just tolerate.
MangoMan Power
you can just rename this in the eyes of a pessimist
Matthias Bosse
Wait... Adam and Jamie aren't friends???
Max A
I disagree! It sounds cheesy but everyone is special in their own way. See, to succeed I believe you need to keep a positive attitude.
Mr Purple
Every YouTuber will eventually either die or stop uploading at one point...
After all those deep points, the thing that shook me the most was \
No Name
Learning that a stripper pole spins
Noah Cg3
Not Tofu Food
*What If you show 7 featured comments in one vid-* \n\noh wait. Wrong channel
P e w D i e P i e e
Well, that was just one big ball of depressing
This one really hits me coz I'm going to university in 4 months :(
: \
You forgot one!\n\n\n\n\n*People watching this video get Depression*
I am over here like, \
Pure Bread
There are no lottery winners theyre just randomly generated npcs
RaYze dark
please im on the verge of suicide and this is nudging me closer towards the cliff
Raze Foopa Loop
you should ask us again what is the thing that we swear to hear but no one believes us
Rebecca Duncan
Saltine Cracker
Literally this whole video was a \
Sarah the Flame pup
Shiro Infires
0:43 so does vodka. 1 litre is about a 1000 calories
*_that's how santa claus works_*
Spring lamb
Adam and Jamie weren't friends? .... 😕😟
Steve En
*There is no Santa Clause 3: The Return of Santa Cage*
Succulent Orange
A lot of these are very American, GPA, not getting holiday to book off summers, non-secure retirement pension; can we get it a bit more global please?
I like how you added that mythbuster fact at the end to distract me from all the other things you said
The Commentators
Life gets better is what I was always told but look at me now I'm bankrupt and depressed and have several anxiety attacks a day
The Great Wolf
Last one\n\n_It's a _*_myth busted!_*
The ScalySnek
TriHard 7
1:05\n\nWhy did you have to go and inject your personal politics under a disguise like that?\n\nThe trickle down effect DOES work. It just doesn't work in the way you like it: plundering the rich and punishing them for being successful.
Unique person
Your Insurance won’t be covered by this
Did we run out of Mildly Interesting/Infuriating/Oddly Satisfying ideas?
Why the freak do the submissions always say \
_DrAgOn GaMiNg_
There is Santa Claus\n\n\n\n\n\nYes I know he’s not real
rename the title to \
d grant
The nine year old version is that Pewdiepie will one day stop uploading
I’m here yee yee !
godofgaming 77
This episode just sounded like some one talking down on me
Ha I was homeschooled and didn't go to college! So basically I have very few friends 😔
jeremiaster 2000
''You're not special.'' thanks i needed that
Excuse me but what is the name of the background music ?
The last one is correct; they HATE each other!
Strippers don't actually spin, the pole does
How is the last one true they did like 10+ seasons and hated each the whole time did they
ooga booga
You are able to buy low and sell high.
WTF they aren't friends?
Just do 10 minute ones man
shadoboy gaming
well that was depressing,i'm being help on meds to not kills myself latelly and it just make it worse XD
Your not special \n\nThat hit me personally ;-;
suburbia21 oof
1:46 WHAT.
ıllıllı sᴛɪxs ıllıllı
*aka* _how to ruin someone’s day_
《 marije 》
I want a new video of 'what do you swear you saw but don't have any proof of'