Theory of a Deadman - Drown [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Theory of a Deadman's music video for 'Rx', off the upcoming album "Wake Up Call", available October 27th. Pre-order now: Directed by Rich RagsdaleLYRICSEbb and flow, the sea is coldBut my blood comes to boilI feel it filling up my lungsThe weight pulls me to soilCurrent takes me, breath escapes meInducing coma, sleepClose my eyes, I'm paralyzedFinally at peaceAnother sunny dayAnd I feel like getting in the waterWhy did you have to let me goSuch a perfect wayTo spend my time and swim out farther Why did you have to let me drownDrownDrownLay there floating, body bloatingSkin turning to grayI built my castle, the dirty rascalFinally got his wayWaves roll in and clean my sinsNow everything is clearI'm having fun, under the sunWishing you were here1000 leagues, I live and breatheAlong the ocean floorNow submersed, I join the cursedTo float here evermore

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