All that Jazz - BWB (Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum, Rick Braun)

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14th Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Jazz Music broadcaster entertainment programme sabc south africa television tv

Almir I. Nunes
Show Jazz!
Antonio Carlos Miguel da Silva
Uau! Sem palavras!
The guy on the drums is spectacularly awesome too.
Cyril Onoyivwe
i love you kirk you are so amazing to me and full of the spirit GOD bless you
Duhran Wilson
Much props to Rick Braun on Shake Your Body Down to the Ground. As a trumpet player, I know that is not easy! I guess that's what separates the pros from the rest of us!
Dwight Moore
Three masters of their art
Fabio Freitas
WoW. This is the best cover version I have heard so far of 'Billie Jean' in the form of an instrumental. Is there a recorded version with these artists?
Felipe Omega
mt bom o baixista.
FlyDrone Rodrigo Bueno
Guitar Gangsta
the benchmark for smooth jazz !
Harold Brown
Three of my fav musicians, nuff respect love this jammm real hi grade
James Turner
Jim Neely
Norman Brown killing it...
Jorge Duarteraf
Kevin Rhinehart
How can ANYONE with the ability to hear not enjoy this music? To thumb down this music is insane. I LOVE this combination of musicians!
MIDI vanilli
omg who was the sound engineer, he or she really blow it
Mario Hall
This is simply amazing!  Thank God for smooth jazz!
Opubo Braide
Big Stuff ! Funky Michael Sound!
Pascal Belangenyi
Just Marvelous
Ramone DeCurta
Norman Brown sounds just as good as George Benson!
Sounds good Norman !!!
Saverio Cannata
Senzo Ngcobo
wow i love the intro Billie Jean Jazzy version BETA ;[]
Sven Olavson
I was so blessed and so flat out lucky to be able to listen to Kirk Whalum several times a week when I lived in Houston. The very first time I heard him play and the way he wrote, not just his technique but his amazing spirit and the obvious love he had for Christ. Before his first album floppy disc and all the ones to come after that, much like Michael Brecker, it is impossible to not know with one note, who are hearing on Tenor Sax. Rarely do you hear that sound out of a Yamaha as you do with Kirk Whalum or Ernie Watts say, then there is the greatest and never to be another Michael Brecker with that unbelievable Selmer Tenor Sax with those notes up on a different planet Michael Brecker had you ever seen him play with any bands, his own, him and his brother Randy, return of the Brecker Brothers or lets say if you were lucky enough to see Steps Ahead, then you would have known why I can put Kirk Whalum in a catagory with Michael Brecker. Kirk can play any difficult riff and is schooled and skilled but he hear God speak in his Tenor Sax just as you can recognize its Michael Brecker with one note. I cried the day Michael Brecker passed but think of lucky we are to have artists like him and Kirk Whalum. One of the nicest human beings you could ever want to meet. I think, how lucky was I to hear Kirk Whalum back in the day a couple hundred times. Now go enjoy His love and Kirks musical gifts.
Tajudeen Yemi Ajuwon
The 3 amigos - I luv it just keep jamming bros
Tava Hosey
This is Smooth Jazz light.
Norman is kicking ASS! They all sound great.  Had the pleasure of doing a gig that featured Kirk and his band. Good man and excellent musician. This band has him smoking. You know, it is easy to criticize musicians for what they play. I do not see what's wrong with smooth jazz as a vehicle to be heard. They all are fantastic players. Listen to the content. I am amazed at Norman brown using distortion on Beat it. It sounds good, but he might have to re-think his set up. That big body Eastman ain't made to sing!
napoleon camus
porn music masters
I love it! I love it ! I love it! They sound awesome!!!
Shame the recording is limiting
yelena aveta
We love our jazz. Norman is one of the favorites.
Антон Малашенков
Harley Davidson)))Нужно быть мудаком чтобы сравнивать Бенсона и Брауна.Они  разные и все по своему хороши.
@John Doe why? and who do you think is the \