The Santa Clause (1994) and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) - scene comparisons

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Comparisons between scenes from the movie The Santa Clause (1994) with The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006).Famous People Portrayal in Movies Playlist

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Muchos se quejan de que hay un fallo en la continuidad,porque en la original el se pone el traje de papa noel en la siguiente casa y no en la suya y mi teoría es que así como cuando el deseo no ser papá noel al volver el no salio a revisar creando otra línea de tiempo,también al hacer que jack frost desee no ser papá noel crearía una línea del tiempo alternativa en donde se pone el traje en su casa y no en la siguiente.
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0:37 In The Santa Clause the Santa who fell off the roof didn't say Ho Ho Uh oh. He said \
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It is been that long for 12 years earlier.
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After Tremaines travel back to day of the slipper try on.\nLady Tremaine: I'm gotta go get your slipper back Anastasia.\nAnastasia grabs Lady Tremaine and Drizella and holds them down while their past counterparts get ready for the Duke to enter.\nPast Lady Tremaine: Now Remember this is your last chance don't fail me.\nAnastasia: Whoa Freaky.\nHerald: Announcing his imperial grace the grand duke.\nPast Lady Tremaine: You honor our humble home. May I present my daughters, Drizella, Anastasia.\nPast Anastasia: Your Grace.\nLady Tremaine: Let go Anastasia, that Slipper belongs to you.\nAnastasia: No mother, that slipper belongs to Cinderella'\nPast Anastasia: I can't understand why, it's always fit perfectly before.\nPast Lady Tremaine: Quiet my dear. We mustn't disturb His Grace.\nLady Tremaine, Yeah well you are the princes bride now.\nAnastasia: I don't look like the bride for the prince.\nPast Drizella: Of all the stupid little Idiots, I'll do it myself.\nLady Tremaine: I want you to have the slipper, Anastasia.\nGrand Duke: Quite so, Good day, Good day.\nCinderella: Your Grace? Your Grace. Please, wait. May I try it on?\nLady Tremaine: Let go Anastasia. I want you to have the slipper.\nAnastasia: Why Mother, Because I make such a worthy bride? Because all the servants love me. All the people you cast spells on they love me. Listen to me, Listen to me. Being the bride to a prince is not something you can take, it's something that chooses you.\nCinderella: But you see, I have the other slipper.\nAnastasia: And you're too late.\nAnastasia lets go of Lady Tremaine and Drizella and uses the wand to get back to their current time.\nLady Tremaine: Nooooooooooooooooo.\nThe Tremaines disappear by magic.
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0:32 \
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to bad the creators of the movie couldn't be bothered to actually link up the continuity of the movie they made
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There's actually a continuity mistake he didn't put on the Santa suit until he threw away to the next house which was several blocks away!\n\nSo when the Young Tim Allen puts on the suit.\n\n The old Tim Allen should not be looking on the roof because he's not there.