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As the world turns its attention towards the sustainable development goals, sustainable architecture offers a very interesting prospect of minimizing negative environmental impacts by buildings, save energy and safeguard human health and well being.In this talk, David explores the potential bamboo creates and how well it can be a wonderful and strong tool.David was born, raised and educated in Colombia where he studied Civil Engineering. From 2000 to 2003 he contributed to the reconstruction of the Coffee-growing region following an earthquake. Here he became fascinated about bamboo structures. In 2003, he moved to the UK to study an MSc in Earthquake Engineering. From 2004 to 2009 he worked in consultancy, working as a structural engineer. His work ranged from multi-storey timber-frame structures to very large steel and concrete buildings. In 2010 he became a chartered structural engineer. In 2009, determined to research bamboo, David joined Coventry University. He currently chairs an international task force for Bamboo Construction.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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So basically nature is far cleverer than we are ,so why do we not harness this?
Adam Chase
6kg of bamboo stores 10kg of carbon... wot
Brian Foster
Termites also love bamboo.
Charmaine Macdonald
I love these environmentally friendly houses of bamboo and all its great potential for other eco friendly products! Its definetly the product of the future! Yes, MAKE BAMBOO MAINSTREAM!
Genius by Design
bamboo needs a refined way of making boards !!! Once that is achieved it will dominate the world !!!
Jack Harpe 3rd
He forgot to mention the Bamboo Bikes!
Gotta say he kinda cheated on those CO2 emmission comparisons, considering that if we commercialized bamboo, we'd be shipping it all around the world, assuming we could not grow it locally with the same properties.\n\nThe problem with naturally made things, is that their quality often has to do with the conditions it was grown in. Thats why certain plants don't grow well in certain climates and why certain livestock are worth different amounts simply based on place of origin.
John Smith
Eucalyptus also grows fast, it's why there are eucalyptus plantations all over the world. Not as fast as bamboo, but it's a hardwood and it can drop into existing wood processing pipelines.
Kalepa Heidegger
Is there a link to find out more about the bamboo houses he showed as an example (that were concealed in the walls)? Or how to frame with bamboo in a modern way?
Kamalakrsna Devi
make bamboo non-toxic insect proof - Stop building codes against it \
Kemono Yama
laughable, been using it for hundreds of years and you sheep are just now talking about it?
Bamboo doesn't grow only in tropical climates. Some varieties resist temps of -20°C which is very cold. I agree bamboo must be integrated in the array of building materials in Western countries considering its very low cost, a lot more ppl could afford houses built with it or even build their own.
They actually reinforce concrete with bamboo instead of rebar.
Korong Aing
Bamboo VS Metal
L Twig
Just planted my two river cane plants 2 weeks ago to start my grow. Plan on building lots of things with it. Hope others catch on as well. Certain species can grow even with harsh winters.
L. J. Bush
Oil is not fossil fuel and it is renewable and it is not in short supply. Also water is manufactured by the earth itself from hydrogen and oxygen either in the crust or the mantle, I don't remember which.
I just want to ask about the fire resistance rating of a bamboo, how can you make it not susceptible to fire when you use it as building material? hope to get an answer, thanks
Lawrence Miller
To be convincing, the overall economic costs must be considered and compared, growing bamboo, processing it, designing with it, building with it, service life and maintenance costs, disposition costs.\n\nGovernments should not intervene to make an artificial economy by unneeded regulations, taxes, and fees. This is the kind of skewing effort being applied to solar and wind energy unfairly, including letting regulated birds be struck by wind turbines without enforcement.\n\nThe argument of carbon capture falls short because global warming has been shown to be based on a hoax, measurements, models, and changing historically recorded data. climate depot dot com
Lewis Doherty
While bamboo would perform much better in earthquake events than masonry, masonry tends to resist decay problems created by the numerous lifeforms in tropical areas which live by oxidizing carbon.  I know bamboo can be treated.  But my perspective is shaped by living in southern Louisiana where we fight constant battles with everything from several species of aggressive termites to fungi and bacteria.\n      In addition, more of a problem than just rot is created by its excellent for weight to strength from its hollow tubular shape.  While a cylinder has the best surface area to mass ratio other than a sphere, bamboo appears to be very flammable due to its double sided relatively thin walls with a lot of surface area.  The thin walls are able to heat up quickly in a fire.  While I'm not sure, it appears it may have a lot more cavities than many woods.  The cavities also would also facilitate combustion by increasing surface area.  Uncontrollable fires of structures made of bamboo could occur very quickly.  The fire code drafters and insurance companies are not likely to go with it until viable solutions which causes fewer problems than the alternatives are developed.  Would the bamboo have to be soaked in something very toxic to reduce the flammability problem?  Would the chemical be cost prohibitive?  \n      Bamboo is a resource which would solve many problems, if some of these issues are solved.
Strength is only part of the story, any good engineer can tell you that ductility and modulus are just as important if not more so that strength. The likely solution will require genetic splicing and farming of bamboo and developing a composite, if any budding material engineers or plant biologists are reading this, then take this is your challenge to change the world!
M.P. Schaefer
Poles actually reach full height in about two months, but it takes six months before it's hard enough to bother cutting. It's the strongest when those poles are 3-5 years old.
Marge Karlo
foolish\n\nu are going round and round on technicalities.\n mention its UTILITY which is feasible....No bamboo product has been industrially feasible
Michel Jean Malvy
The Bamboo is best since 3000 Years !!! Just this natural nice présent dont have the strong lobbying same the steel and plastic industry !... Today Mister Trujilo and me we strong work for return the old forget time !... Thanks dear David !
Mr Undead
I'm actually looking into starting a business with bamboo farming in North Wales
Mutahir Abbas
What will bambo do when fire starts to smile...
Phileas X
I can't stand the way he speaks during the presentation. He's very much trying to hype up his research by speaking in this start-stop manner that very irritating!
Samuel Ochiba
That's a nice attempt
Sen Gill
By the way carbon footprint isnt a very strong persuader in the overall feasability of things imo.
Stitch Shifter
If you only burn the bamboo to charcoal as in a gasifier, the remaining carbon is still in solid form and can be buried as compost or to filter water.. So you could make electricity and charcoal (carbon).
Trevor H
Talk less about CO2, and more about Bamboo. CO2 is people breathing.
Weier Zou
congratulations you finally discovered this multipurpose material in 2016!
yes, kick off and play... buy now...
ghani zaman
This should be shown to the members of the participating countries of the last December -'Climate Change' conference in Paris.
hari gopi
jane doe
First, as we're to understand it, we should plant and grow, then cut and kill, bamboo to save us from the boogeyman carbon dioxide, even though living plants consume it? By that reasoning, why not harvest all bamboo and other trees on earth to \
Bamboo is a fine building material (and tasty food too!) but the the presenter's carbon footprint analysis fails to indicate that steel can be produced with clean renewable energy produced from sources such as hydro, solar, and wind. The majority of steel is recycled. (See steel on Wikipedia for more information). Furthermore, iron ore (the main component of steel) is very plentiful.\n\nSteel producers in particular and manufacturers in general must transition to using clean renewable energy. Generally, government's accomplish these sorts of changes by changing laws (typically tax laws). However, wind and particularly solar are becoming so inexpensive that government's might not need to do anything in this particular case.
matthew king
Wow they just discovered bamboo hurray
my mother was a ninja
Bamboo houses do not last, even when chemically treated. That's why no one wants to build their homes with it.
Give thanks to african ancient civilization, that you white folks destroyed with slavery. the knowledge he is presenting is nothing new. african houses were constructed like this a long time before the missionaries arrived- give thanks where thanks is due and stop selling things as your own knowledge.
zak edelman
Whew! Awesome research and words and sentiment