Behind the Scenes: Santa Clause 3

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Go behind the Scenes of the new Santa Clause Movie

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who is martin short?! one of the funniest actors ever.
Azwan Thyrel
Tim Allen is the best..\nim his super fan though xD\n\neven though he's like 50+++ but he still looking good and strong\nGo go go!! TIM ALLEN
Billy Bob Thorton
haha, ew seriously?
Cami Mckenzie
ALWAYS BEEN MY DREAM TO SHOOT A MOVIE IN THE NORTH POLE!!! Ever since i was a little kid i’ve always wanted to see what it would be like, and someone at the age of 18 i know this is stupid and know one believes in Santa Clause anymore, but hey you never know unless you seeing isn’t believeing, believing is seeing so ya if you think it’s stupid then there’s something wrong with you! But i’m just saying I love this movie all of them actually! and i wish i could be part of it but one day i suppose your never to old to still believe in this kind of stuff
Claire Russell-Lasalandra
I love the Santa Clause 1,2, and 3.\nGreat characters.
Those studio turds, Canada is not in the North Pole
Domenica Garwood
nernard is so fucking sexy i wish he was in this\n
Erin Lulay
i want bernard!
where was this? this wasnt on the DVD...?
OMFG Martin Short is hot!
why wasn't i born in the 50's?i am cursed...GO JACK FROST!!!
0:26 - would that previous movie be Jungle2Jungle by any chance?
Martin Short's version vs RotG Chris Pine version. They're both really cool and they have different takes on the character. Watch the bloopers, though. Hilarious!
I love Jack Frost he is sexyyyy:D \u003c3
chronic ill supporter
snow make people happy when you throw it at people
e c
i want bernard!!
jack frost...yummy ;)