Black Dog (Led Zeppelin Cover); Sina feat Alyona and Andrei Cerbu

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This is another track that was requested very often. The drum- and guitar parts are fairly easy to do but we struggled badly finding the right singer. Anyway, here we go!More about Alyona

alyona yarushina black dog drum-cover led zeppelin sina

Allen Saunders
The singer is the most pleasant surprise i knew everyone else would be good
Anatoly Orlov
Fantastic!!! All Three of you! Maybe even better than Zeppelin themselves... But, of course, Alyona is a real star here!
Andrei Cerbu
That is Rock'N'Roll, guysl!!!!!
Wow! I have to admit, this was way better than I expected! I knew Sina would be near perfect, but Robert Plants vocals are really hard to reproduce to make a legitimate cover. Alyona certainly nailed it! Fantastic singing! And great effort to find her and recognize her incredible talent!
Bernd Schmidt
Superleistung aller Musiker.\nDie Interpretation und der Gesang von Alyona, die markigen Gitarren und Sinas kraftvolles Schlagzeugspiel treffen zu 100 % das Feeling des Originalsongs, das ich mir gerade auch noch mal als Vergleich angesehen habe.
Bobolink Gieske
Wow Sina! You are fantastic..and the singer will make Robert Plant jealous! : )
CASPER ken bergeron
Carl Keller
Alyona has an amazing voice. She's perfect for Zeppelin. :)
You have the best guitarist in the world! Andre Cerbu is THE MAN!!
D Odekirk
Alyona rocks! Thanks for turning me on to her. What a voice!
Hoollll Nice BRAZIL, thanks for song girl.
David Lee
Sina, You found a young lady with pipes! You ALL sound AWSOME as allways. Keep ROCKIN! 3:)
Demi God
Сина и Алёна - замечательный дуэт!
Killing it!
Don Lanthier
Hi everyone.  I was quite concerned when Sina announced last week that she would be covering Black Dog because short of jetting in Robert Plant for this venture whose voice could possibly do this song justice??  The answer is clear--- Alonya!  Excellent rendition with all of the highs and lows in the right places!!  Loved, Loved this wonderful cover!!  Sina, Andrei and Alonya, so rocked this song to the max!!  Did I say I loved it?    I did!!
Emily Petsche
Love her shirt
Fiat 127 Verde GENOVA 1972
La biandina canta di molto bene e l'altra suona benissimo..
Frank Brown
Ok let me think here..I hate to be redundant. Honestly.. needed to watch this video a few times.. So love at first sight, no.. but the more I watched the more i started to pick out small details that didn't smack me in the face at first. I'm not going to be long and rambling like I normally am. but.. I was very impressed with Alyona. I watched some of her other vids and I have to say what a talent. What a voice! I don't know how your dad does this. Great job to your dad. Sina. Also, I cant believe you remembered seeing her as a little girl with Milena.. Too kewl.. \n But another fine change of pace and new artist you bring to us. I can also say, in watching your drumming in this video..the more i watched this more i was impressed. I don't know all the ways and terms to use to describe what you do and i haven't been to the Drummers Institute as yet but from what I've observed...drumming is a true skill and art.. I cant even tap my foot to a song imagining I'm hitting the base drum pedal in keeping with the tempo properly.. The song seemed difficult in that it seemed to pick up and slow down in speed abruptly and I think it would be a hard one to drum to. But hey....I am watching one of the best drummers i have ever seen..and yes..male or female.. !!! \n Ok, I don't want to write a book here...I see some of you falling asleep already. But again, Ms Doering... great video you have brought to us AGAIN.. Well done young lady.
Franz Riedelsteiner
Wow! Perfect! Thanks
Fred Aldridge
Wow Sina, Where did you find Alyona? She has the perfect voice for this song. I think Andrei dropped a few hints about Led Zeppelin on Facebook. As you know I have a bit of history with Led Zeppelin one of my all time favorite rock bands. You guys absolutely nailed this one.
Greg Simpson
Extremely tight and solid collaboration! Love it!!! Only two questions; do you people ever sleep? Do you eat? Where do you find the time to put out such awesome collaborations, besides your other projects which are too numerous to count, on every Friday? I'm amazed........once again! Thank You!
Oh Wow, You guys are Rockin it so good! Sina rocks as usual, and to cover Zep is super cool! Alyona on vocals!!! \u003c3 Very Well done! Andrei on Guitar, nailed it well! Didn't see the Bassist, Mike, but sounded good in song! Thanks for helping to restore my faith that not all of the classic music and artistry is gone of yester-years... Cheers Y'all
Gregg Bartel-Bailey
I sure do agree about finding the right voice for this song.  Alyona has a big voice with quality to match!  Very nice job with this iconic song!
Gregory Fortner
Alyona has the perfect sultry voice for this song.
Günter Schöne
Super schönes Video, Sina.\nAchja, der gute alte Rock. :-D :-D :-D\nSmile, das Lied habe ich heute erst über Kopfhörer gehört.\nHut ab, vor eurer Leistung. Man sieht es euch an, das Ihr alle drei ein riesen Spaß dabei hattet.\nIch würde mir eine CD kaufen, wenn Ihr so eine CD mit alten Rock (Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, usw.) rausbringen würdet. :-D
J.K. Cooke
Only a Hot Russian Girl could do that !
Jason Meinhart
Sina, your surprises make any Friday just that much better! Thanks for this tremendous Led Zeppelin tribute! Aly kicks the cover into high-gear while you and your dad drive things along until Andrei kicks in the turbo-charger ... the result is a high-performance musical hot-rod that really speeds us down the road of classic rock and roll. You all nailed it!
Jeff England
That was amazing! The singer was spot-on. Well done.
Jeff Hesse
Jesse Korhonen
Alyona and sina doing led zeppelin cover? Hell yeah! 🤘
Jose Guerrero
SINA..! SINA..! SINA..! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much,,, for delivering this iconic song that makes me comeback to those years of glory electrified by that super energetic, creative and original band,,, also my respects to Andrei for having ‘inherited’ and mastered Page’s touch and feeling with the strings, I may say, with all my respects, that Andrei has become Page 2.1, in another words HE has picked up the torch and we will have Rock & Roll for another 50 years…. And last, (but not least) thanks to Alyona for her fabulous voice who provides us with an incredible feminine version of Plant’s voice and who also has a brilliant future in the musical industry, specifically in our Rock ‘n’ Roll Culture…поздравления за ваше вокальное исполнение..!!\n\n… and for you SINA… well,,, I don’t need to tell you how much we love you all of us in here, in these forums, where, day after day, we watch your extraordinary development in ALL levels of your life, specially as a Great Drummer ‘GD’,,, I don’t have to mention that because you know better than I do, just by reading all those tremendous messages of genuine admiration and valid support left by those who BELIEVE in you and in the QUALITY of human being you are and give, as a person and as a Rocker (for being one of US),,,, messages that is possible to use them as an accurate parameter for drawing a very close picture of the appreciation we feel for you, your principles, your ethical and moral values, your intelligence, your beauty, your personality and above all, your great drumming performance which is what unite us around YOU.\n\nIt is very difficult in life to be wrong when a large majority of people, as much as 98%, concludes their judgment in only one direction while forecasting the outcome in the success or failure over somebody else career,,, so,,, I have to say that I’m also part of that large majority of people… \n\n…whether you like it or not, whether you are conscious or not…\n…\n… YOU ARE ONLY DESTINED TO GLORY AND TRIUMPH..!!\n\nKeep on Rocking.. SINA..!! ..THE QUEEN OF DRUMS…!!\n\nPS\n12,789 views in 5 hours\n2,558 per hour\n43 per minute\n320 comments\nNOT TOO BAD…!!\n\n...and HAPPY APRIL 20th for All Those About to CELEBRATE IT...!!
Josef Nožka
...velmi, velmi dobře zahráno... i zazpíváno...OK 👉👍👍
Juliet P.
Просто офигенно как по мне😎👍
You sure found the richt singer
Klaus Nieper
Danke Sina, klingt wie in meiner Jugend...Gänsehaut
Very cool, now you need John Paul Jones. You have Robert, you have Bonzo, and you have Jimmy, but....
Laila CG
Live Music Bands
Sina stunning again and there is nothing wrong with the singer stunning !!
Luiz Gonçalves-Ramos
Sina and Andrei, you've been a musical match for some time. But I think you just found the perfect female voice for anything else you want to record. Aly is simply incredible and she fits right into your music styles, i risk to say both professionally and with the energy you put into your recordings. Wonderful choice... thanks for one more great song!
Very good as usual!
Marshall Man
Sorry Sweetheart .... But use EVERY muscle in your body and hit those drums HARD! \n\nLove your work as always ..... :)
Nacho Croes
Neil Harper
Yes, Sina, I could see you had a \
Nelix Dorn
My fav song! :-) Thanks
Night Owl
Great match for a great song!!! Alyona is a perfect fit !
Nik mattheos
hello from greece,,it's perfect for me
Norbert-Tristan E.
Back from Sina's fantastic gig with The Gäs in Düsseldorf I hear and see the Led Zeppelin cover announced this evening by Sina! I love Led Zeppelin and especially - how many are safe here - Black Dog! My teens years are awake again! Grandiose, breathtaking cover, dreamlike voice of Alyona and Andrei's guitar as always masterly. And not least the King of Beatles - Mike Wilbury on bass! Incredibly gorgeous work, a work of art! I tell you something: We absolutely need more Fridays! So that we can see and hear such wonderful covers even more often! But probably Sina and her team will go on strike... Bravo and my full respect for this cover! 👍✌👌👏
Paul Tavella
Damn! How good was that! Another masterpiece.
Peace & Gratitude
Freaking love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Medina
Wow that was really fabulous great vocals as well as the drumming and the guitar playing.👍👍
Phil Lee
Wow, Alyona is certainly the \
Rafa Romi
great job all of you!
Rafael Baquedano Charad
Excellent cover. She is the voice i've waiting.
Randall Denison
Great cover from all 3 people.
Rhonda Martin
Richard Binder
Thanks for sharing. It's so great to see this generation of fine musicians carrying on my generations music. I'm 53 and appreciate music played with real instruments by players and singers who practiced hard and can feel the vibe. Gives you a good feeling inside .
Richard King
Where is the bassist?
Robert Hodgins
awesome job
Running On Empty
I like your version as much as the original. (maybe more)
Seamus Traynor
Well you found the perfect Singer thats for sure and i mean perfect xo
Sean Heimbuch
Alyona’s voice is amazing!
Sihar Tobing
Lovely Voice : Alyona Yarushina Feat Sina Drumers - Black Dog (Led Zappelin) : Bigolive Show By - Sina, .... Bravo.
Wow.....I am shocked at just how good that was!
Sina, this is utterly fabulous! Alonya completely SMASHED it. Her vocal approach perfect for this song! So gritty and bluesy. The power trio of Sina, Mike and Andrei stunned too. Tight and exciting, with an awesome outro solo from Andrei! And of course I can hear that you really listened to Bonham's drum part. Either that or it's implanted in your memory as a result of fandom :-). Either way, that was some awesome drumming, played just like the man himself, with 1:35 rocking my world. Another winner from YourSoundTube.
You guys killed it!! Fantastic vocal with a voice tailor made for this song. Really great job guys.
Tony Patey
Awesome song, awesome job by all !!! Thanks, Tony
Awesome!I love the song and your shirt!
Vixen Vendetta
Awesome cover!! =)
Voldemar D
sina-drums\nHi\nexcellent performance\nbig request,please play \
Zebulon Swearingen
Really gettin' the Ledout on this 1, y'all. A warmer tone on this 1 1 compared to Zep's, I like it. Beautiful vocals, sounds way better than Plant, even. Plant's cool, I mean he led Zep to stardom & all - but I was always curious what it'd sound like \
a a
Good work!
alun williams
Double double cool!!!
Wow, how these guys grow up
claude faure
dan macleod
This was well done. So Sina I have been following and watching your vids for over a year now. Your style is awesome. No flashy, flicksy, flailing. I see a lot of other drummers focusing on speed and it’s ok sometimes but your drumming is very technical and flowing. I am 64 and a drummer. Your vids are great.
Great cover! The vocals are perfect for this song.
gamer Milly
Sina I love your drumming, I am a drummer too, I will be like you.
OMG ! The vocals are incredible by Aryona . She owned this song
jimmy baker
MERCY!!! Sina, Andrei and Alyona, I'm sorry, but I don't know how in the world I missed this beautiful cover of Black Dog. I thought I kept up with Sina and Andrei's releases each week but some how I miss this one. That was outstanding. Led Zeppelin was one of the hottest bands around when I was in my 20's. Let me tell ya, You found an outstanding voice for this cover song. Great job.
Damn, this is BADASS! Drums, vocals, guitar...all killer. Nice job, everyone!
Very impressed with all players. Best vocal I've heard by anyone covering a Zep tune.
You may have struggled to find the right singer, but you sure found her. Incredible, Alyona! Captured the spirit of Plant and still sounded original.
ron davis
You found the right singer that's for sure! And I don't really think the drums and guitar parts were exactly easy! By the way, what is the purpose of that black mesh screen in front of Alyona's mike?
Have you ever heard of, Patricia Büchler, aka Patty Gurdy?
scott FabT-Birds79
Sina, I really mean this; You are a much better drummer than Bonham was. Its true; you have much more range and versatility, and look how you can play just like him, no problem; Yes, he had the best right foot of anybody ever, (Triplets!) but otherwise he never really impressed me that much (Moby Grape is a terrible drum solo!) Ian Paice and Charlie Watts are better than Moon and Bonham; But you have become quite simply one of the best drummers I have ever seen/heard; and I've seen ALOT of drummers! (I have a shirt that says \
tim dalgleish
I'm glad you played another classic song from the past. Alyona is really amazing! After watching this video I checked out her other videos and was blown away!! You have picked some great musicians to play with and I thing you all benefit from each other. Good job Andrei! Simply amazing! (as usual) Great drums too! This is the music I can get into! Keep up the great work!
Sina and Andrei certainly have the right hairstyle for rock music!
william palenik jr
WOW you three did really good doing this song
zombie 666
Oh yeaaaah ,well done!
Виталий Благой
Great job. Perfect execution. This is perhaps the best performance of the Black Dog cover band. I used to think that 【Zepparella】had the best performance of things, Led Zepelin, but Alena's vocals are just close to the text. The game of both the guitarist and the drummer is also great. ( Отличная работа. Прекрасное исполнение. Это пожалуй лучшее исполнение Черной Собаки кавер группой. Я раньше считал, что у Зепарелла лучшее исполнение вещей Лед Цепелин, но вокал Алены это просто близко к тексту. Игра и гитариста и ударника также великолепны.)
Дмитрий Ф.
Guitarist looks like Ian Gillan
Золотой теленок - Music Lover
Аж мурашки по телу! Очень сильно!!!Дякую.
Сергей Ащепков
мир мир