The courage to trust yourself...listen to the nudges | Jo Simpson | TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh

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What happens when you really learn to trust yourself? Jo Simpson will take you on a journey that draws on her own experiences, offering you a way to let go and let life lead the way.This talk was delivered at Edinburgh's iconic Central Hall on Thursday, February 18th 2016 and was a part of series of talks given at the TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh 2016 Conference.Jo Simpson is a leading authority on values based leadership, recently publishing her first book “The Restless Executive - Reclaim Your Values, Love what You Do and Lead with Purpose” in June 2015. It was Jo’s own restlessness, that inspired and led to the transitions and transformations she has experienced in recent years; developing a courage, clarity and consistency that she now lives her life by.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Aci Sweet
thank u Jo ur a angel this is a Angel of God and I love u thank u for teaching me u helped me aci
Ashima Sobti
Aura Bay
This is trully wonderful I feel like I have been living like this my entire life with things just some how working out. In high school school I felt like the luckiest person in the world. After I started worrying about so much I used to reminisce on the old days.. But amazingly I would consider my self still luckier than most people living in Las Vegas and in the music industry as well. We have accomplished things more than we could have ever possibly imagined with the universal language of music. I wish to keep expanding the consciousness because it's always been inside us. We've always had imagination sense we were born. I felt crazy for never feeling sure. And doubting my self but still being the best person I can be. Taking the good and bad to create something better. Has gotten blacksheep events here in Las Vegas some popularity. They call me aura because of this to be honest. I'm showing this video to all my friends.
Azahara Berlanga Garcia
Your message is clear and deep for me!!! I love your speech!!! I wanna watch more of them. Thank you :)
Barb jephson
The narrow path....signals problem solving to me, family and enjoying friends and values...and love sailing and the ocean... I have trouble with deceiving ..... from 'friends'.
Caspar H.
Why am I listening to all these TEDspeeches about how to be successful from people I've never heard of in my life? What about listening to famous people who made it, walked the path and did it? Seems a lot more logical if I'm actually looking to be successful, to do that, rather than listen to a bunch of success, confidence, happiness, etc 'researchers' huh?.......
Claudia Bothner
Greta talk, thanks!I agree with the trusting and following ones' inner voice, calling etc. But how does it all apply when in a really hard overall situation, chronic fluctuating levels of burnout (traumatized Aspergers) and lacking the adequate help and support to manage what one needs to do healthwise and getting professional help with, as well as managing money and social life, getting a job or starting one's own business? When professionals tend to mistreat you with hoorific consequences, although their task is to help, - even at authority level? When functioning differently, and no- one, even professionals, seem willing to make the effort to engage enough to understand and assist in ways that are actually helpful? Videos are mostly for ppl in much steadier healthier starting pints. I am sure their is a way forward for me that is not suicide, but with the desperate, sick, sleep-deprived, cold unsafe near-isolation it's hard to hear and know the inner-upper voice, and to believe enough in oneself to act upon it! There is also teh lack of will power that comes with severe liver stagnation and depression.. Any good ideas`, anybody dear? I'd be grateful.
I miss Richmond Park :(
D Pfister
The essential message to living a good life: Trust yourself. WOW! Trust yourself and embrace your innate power. Initially, it is difficult to accept that we are powerful. Our \
Know the source of the nudge
Dawn Lloyd
so love this
Diana Christou
Thank you!
Eileen MacDougall
Author is Galvin de Becker, (Gift of Fear) for comment below.
Fiona M Havlish
I know this journey quite well!!! I am so glad there are others who KNOW to pay attention to the nudges and what happens when you hit the snooze alarm!!!
Janeen Pellicane
So true about the nudges that come back. I finally listened & asked my customer out😀 ty for your message! J
Jua Jin 진주아
Thank you. Giving me a chance to think about so many valuable things that gives me a nudge.
Keti keti
Simple but very powerful. Thank you.
Killua Uchiha
Why are we trying so hard to be someone we're not it doesn't matter who we are cause everything hurts just the same there is nothing we can do to stop the pain from spreading in our life's!!
Kyle Rieth
being highly intuitive and dealing with some of my own crazy health issues this hits close to home
Lalindra De Silva
What if we are to listen to those nudges and be proactive..?
Lance Duchesneau
Great message, delivered with a great combination of frankness, eloquence, and wonderfully reserved yet fresh, intense, passion. This lady is full of life. bravo, Jo!
Laura Stadler
Great talk and so true. Learnt that there is a path for you - where it leads, I don't know but what I do know is when you meander off the path, life seems to throw a lot at you to get you back on it. I've learnt to take each day as it comes and listen to the quiet voice within. Now when you have people frustrated with you because you are not doing what they want you to do, I feel this tremendous calm and peace - no angst - like it is someone up above saying keep following the path - it's ok. Thank you Jo - not many people like you and not many that have found enlightenment through their spiritual self. A sort of getting to know yourself of which a lot of people haven't done because they are uncomfortable with.
Liz Gichora
Wow!..i feel encouraged, thank you.
Lola Zhu
had to watch three times to confirm what she’s actually talking about because it seemed too simple an idea and i couldn’t believe TED talks would be that simple.
Love To Learn
Thank you for encouraging and inspiring us to trust what our inner voice is telling us. This is a really great video. The speaker is really awesome.
Lucky Lune
Life affirming and confirming talk. Thank you Jo!
this was very helpful...thank you
Marcus Antonius
Nice lady. Good advice.
Marie M
This is what the LORD says: \
Mary Prevoteau
Awesome talk!
Mary Tavares
Thank You Jo ✨🙏🏼
Meagan Alexander
This is pure gold. Thank you Jo.💛
Melissa Cruz
🤔 I love traveling...and I LIVE 4 TRUTH
MikkiMoves Real Estate
I've lived a life of unexpected results just like your coaching story. From surviving a train crash when I was a baby, to overcoming obstacles that I thought were unpenetrable. You're completely right, every time I listen to myself, I leap forward. Thank you for giving me the tools to understand my core values and how to incorporate them into my every decision.
Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach
Brilliant. I needed this today.
Nicholas C.
Nice talk so nice
Nilmini Gamage
it's a powerful visson.
Pallavi RoyC
Trust life. Key words.
Petra Welter
That’s so true! I’m listening to my intuition, my gut since the last 20 years and it works best for me... :)
Philip Fong
Feels like you are promoting business, these days people create a fake story to sell compasion and stuff, its marketing.
Priscilla Wilson
That haircut is perfect for her.
Rebecca Smith
Rohit Goswami
Jo take care darlings love u God bless u ..... Rohit Goswami Delhi
What if your head is saying opposing things on the same topic?
Sara-Jane Williams
Who were these executives that needed her mentoring and coaching? My head is in my hands. How did they get such a job if they weren't strong in their own conviction and their skills and also had enough experience in their chosen field to fulfil their role? World gone mad.
Shery A
what if you don't get this so called\
Shruti Jedhiya
\u003c3 thank you
Sonia Helen Ponce
Sushil Kumar
Best ever..I loved it..lots of respect for you mam..
Temporary Truth
Listen to your mind, some of these nudges are here to help, if a nudge keeps persisting it doesnt mean it was right, but there is something you need to face about yourself. Always be prepared to face your fear and communicate, and often pushing hard over your fear does yeild the best results, sometimes in short term but sometimes we must be patient.\n\nLive well everyone.\n\nGlobal banking software engineer without 3500 pounds, better cut your own hair instead of Andy.
I've never had any of these kind of things happen to me.
Tiamat Sue Caldwell
Loving this....and shared it to several online pages to inspire others. Thank you!! xxx
It's essential everyone has healthy high self-esteem. The society is full of negativities starting from family, school, peers, works, and communities. Ignore to live to social expectations. Life is an only once given chance to experience what life is. No need to be bound and constrained by the social expectations. Most of people die with regrets and remorse, because they haven't live their life according to their desires and potentials.
Yatika Pathak
Couldn't complete the vid 😢😢\ni have a problem i get bored so fast 😭
charnita arora
Thank you :)
da streets part 3
white people problems. magical white people resolutions.
earth ocean
I've lost count of all the times I've ignored my inner voice. Nearly every time it has brought me the most suffering. Thank you for sharing this encouragement!
ilene estorga
that was the holy spirit and God himself, everything she was saying was lined up with himself, for God himself open doors, not her \nwow that's amazing for her to be listening to his spirit within\n I can see why she would have his favor
jes gam
So true jo thank u for sharing this bcuz this resonated with me so much exactly what's been happening with me. I have to follow that nudge and i realise when i dont it hurts so much. You just have to although its scary many times. The consequences are much worse when you dont funnily enough.
That’s exactly what I needed to hear in my life today. I’ve come to the fork in the road. The one path is rocky and steep with unknown potential. While the other path is paved and easy leading me to a mediocre existence.
mark Musatau
That is the Holy Spirit. Wow. You can also ask Holy Spirit to open up Jesus, and your life will never be the same.
mary wolfe
people please pray for me, nothing seems to be working out in my life. I want Goes will for my life. Thank you to all prayer warriors.
Maybe I shouldn't be watching Game of Thrones ...
nean bu
I’m so inspired know. Thank you for the message!
nessy ness
it's just like church talk..why am i watching this
sarita oosthuizen
jo simpson thank u
THANK YOU SO!!!! MUCH LOVE from Belgium💛💚🍀💗💙💜❤
How do we know how to differentiate between irrational, reactionary impulses and a gut nudge?
So.... this talk is based on one hugely lucky coincidence? I thought TED was better than that.