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/ Funny Moments
That spider THICCC\n\n2:19
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Wow look at that! It’s the biggest spider ive ever seen!\n\n\n\n\nImma let it bite me
Already have goosebumps
Aidan Wirick
It really is a beautiful creature but honestly if I see anything like that I am getting tf out of there.
Alicia Mendez
You know.. I was always scared of spiders...but I dont think I really had arachnophobia....until I started watching coyote just free hand some of them.. then I get paranoid y ot feels so real... no thank you. I think I have arachnophobia now😂😖😫🕸
Go to a wolf and let him walk by u
Alyssa TheKitten
Pickle spider makes green webs ;w;
Amaris Morgan
I would pass out
Animatrix Alpha
This is jimmy \n👦🏼\n👕\n👖\n1 like = 1 year for jimmy to live \n\nLETS SEE HOW OLD HE GETS
Aron Salazar
Vid starts 8:20
BTS fan Club Jatol
Im a spider keeper but not that kind
Become With The Galaxy
It Does love spitting web :)
Boyscouttigers AJ
I found a realy big spider that looked like that spider but way bigger before it was about 1 in a half big
Brian the Trainer
As much as creepy the spider is the web's though are extremely beautiful
Camo Thunder
Mr.Dare Devil Coyote teach me how to face my fear plz👍😂🤓
Childiish. Anna
Yup I have an banana spider that looks like that outside my house lmao I'm from Florida 14 yr old can someone tell me why some parts of the web has this yellow to it?
(8:41) Looks like the spider has a hockey mask on top of its head\n\nIt's probably a fan of Friday the 13th
Code's Personal Agent
My skin is not only crawling, it is jumping up and down as if I have Alzeihmers
CostasThePro RealYT
Am I the only one whose finger feels somewhat pain by watching this lmao
It was soooOoOo intense...until a Clorox ad started playing.
Danny Mccoy
Don't hurt her,she will NEVER bite you.
Danny The Barber
Peterson: i am the braves person aliveeeeeeee yayyyyy 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😁😁😁😛😁😛😁😛
It looks like a pickle 😂 With legs
Destiny Maxwell
Well....I have thoughs at my house
Devon Marie/Zenil
Just looking at it makes me feel like there all around me!!
Eli K
Never clickbait.\n\n\n\n\n\nRespect.
Epic Gamer
The web is beautiful tho tbh
if i see a bug i cant even remove it i ask someone to remove it
Fiora Emerald
Its a Skulltula!
Gaming Ud4m
07:14 Jason mask on the spider xD
Gianluigi Uycorrea
I never see that spider
Everybody’s brain: oh look, a thing I’m scared of. Let me try and avoid that\nCoyote’s brain: oh look, a thing I’m afraid of. I’M GONNA LET IT CRAWL ON ME FOR THE SAKE OF ENTERTAINMENT! \n\nAnd that’s why this channel is amazing.
Holly Smith
I'm nine and I love your videos 🐜
Horse Lover
I'm so scared of spiders
If this is not trending what will?
Iced Thai Tea Boba
Coyote: **screams in pain**\nMark: Are u okay? DOES IT HURT?\nNo duh, Sherlock! Lol his sarcasm though.
Ja649ke Gaming
Is that a daddy long legs damn I got 2 likes yay
Jean-Frédéric Baillargé
No it didnt
Jordan board
Oh brilliant im moving to australia next month... wish me luck...
Keyser Soze
Coyotes goal is to get people to stop being scared of spiders....but.... 4:27
Khali Smith
I'm a simple guy.\nI see a spider, I burn down it, and whatever its touching.....
Kurt Loman
Who else feel something crawling on them while watching this
Latisha Williams
Cody I dare you to get bitten by a ...... Spider Krab 🤣🤣🤣
LeeLee The Smartie
Leilani Villamar
It’s hard not to be afraid of spiders when u are allergic to them
You say that you want people like us to not be afraid of spiders, then again, the music track that is playing makes the spider encounter, even more intense...
Loosha M.
Other youtubers: Don’t try this at home!\n\nCoyote: Be careful!
Lovi the Explorer
At 6:12 it looks like Jayson from Horror😂😂😂 on his stomach😂😂😎
Luke Skinner
Here let me see if I can get it back on my hand !!!🤭😕
Manuel A
When you have arachnophobia & this is literally a nightmare come true... 😭😱💀
Maria Salinas
Is it poisonis
Master Turtles
Doesn't it hurt when it walks on you I mean they look like needles
Matthew Manzano
He says he is trying to help people get over their fears of spiders, but this makes me feel worse about em
Mi Amor
I had a hard time clicking on this video lol
MissCoco Brown
*Coyote, you are absolutely crazy!*
I saw a spider and let me just say I might my nails a lot so they are tiny anyway I saw a spider the size of my pinkie nail and I screamed and fainted
Mr Vortex
How did you get that camera angle with the spider running away
How do you get so much bites and you don’t need to go to the doctor
Orodon Kassa
What if any spider that happens to land on your body is just curious and thinks:\n\
Parth Gaming
I have arachnophobia
PhantomJokr YT
It gives me chills when It Crawls in His Hand And The cameraman zooms in the Spider
Piggy Boy!
6:38 look at the orb weaver compared to the spider half of the people that see this freak out about
Raminta fox youtuber
Then my mom sleeps on her spider claims!!!😱😱😱😱😱
Roxys Gaming
Can you hear that?\n\n\n\n\nYeah, it's the scream of millions of people who have a fear of spiders/arachnophobia
Rupa Ravi
Thanks to his channel becoz, before I had arachnophobia, but now after seeing coyote free handling a black widow, tarantula and some more spiders, I am not as afraid as before. One day in my school I noticed a spiderling struggling in the middle of students walking, and my friend was about to step on it while I stopped him, took the spiderling in my hand went out of my class room, let it on the wall. So thanks for curing my arachnophobia.
The real question is...how much was that spider stick 😕
Sasha M
Let it bite you!!😭‼️
Sean Hampson
This viedo was very conflicting as an animal lover and an arachnophobe.... i want it dead... but it's beautiful
Snoopdawoop YT
I would not do that if i where u they can bite if u mess with em
SpiderTron575 channel
So all my life ive been told all my life that is a banana spider but its actually a golden orb spider wow ive lied to by so many people i live in St.Augustine
TSM_smg09 Boopkinz
TehJosh TehJosh
Mind if I borrow that spider stick of yours?
The MC Tek
To anyone afraid of spiders, more people die every year from wasps and bees because of allergys so be less scared. I have the right to be mildly afraid of spiders i live where we have black widows and brown recluses
It looks kinda like the big spider in zelda ocarina of time
Trey Lord
9:00 is the reason you go here.\n\n\n\n\nThank me later.
Tyleek Barcenasscurry
My feer is a spider
Unicornarethebest EVERRR
Coyote:oh hey look it’s a spider\nMe:*running for my life*
Venomous Videos
I have arakyoufunguy I’m scared of spiders
Victor Ruiz
Dude I swear everytime I watch his videos I feel something crawl on me
Webber The Indigestible
The spider is our friend!
When pigs fly
WAIT THAT SPIDER IS COMMON!! Freaking out right now!!!! But I've also never seen one
XOX Olivia
I have to poop\n\n\n\n\n*sees a tiny spider*\n\n\n\n\nOH HAIL NAWW\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*moves out*
XxCookie LeexX
I actually thought the black widow was kinda cute
You always were a kidder Steve
I’ve never been bitten by an orb weaver and I hold them every summer and fall :)
`Be Quiet ́ ッ
My phobia is strong dude, once i saw the spider just moving swirling around i got itchy and i backed up from the screen screaming no. 😖
Oh hey, something dangerous. *Let’s pick it up*
erin jackson
*spider crawls on cyotes hand*he stays calm \n*I see a tiny spider in kitchen* I move to Paris and call the police
fortnite Rouge Agent
Oh hell naw
marshmallowpoopqeen taylor
I feel like it is on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
megan clifford
oscar z.davies
Roses are red, violets are blue it walks on at 9:02
sebastian ibarra
Bruh his balls are so big, they have a gravitational pull
shaking in my boots
Coyote: is that a spider??\n\n\n\n*I SHOULD LET IT BITE ME-*
this is so sad alexa play remote control
unicorn 68
I almost pooped my pants watching this 😂🙁🙁...
xXMatoo PlayzXx
who else is feeling really cold and tingly
• Blizzard •
Coyote logic: Coyote: Is that a venomous spider? \n\n\n\nɪ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʟᴇᴛ ɪᴛ ʙɪᴛᴇ ᴍᴇ!