Binging with Babish: Chilean Sea Bass from Jurassic Park

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Fun fact: Chilean sea bass was nearly fished into extinction after its mere mention in Jurassic Park! That's actually not a very fun fact. That's kinda messed up. While still overfished, it can be acquired legally - while fetching a price of $30/lb. A delicious (and less expensive) alternative is black cod!Check out the new Spanish-language BwB channel here!

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The almighty “tiny whisk”
Alec Hinshaw
How about krusty krab pizza?
Andrew Martin
who else watches but never actually cook these dishes?
Anon archist
I hate fish, all fish, they all taste disgustingly fishy. even the ones that aren't supposed to taste fishy, just an overwhelming horrible fishy flavor.
Anson Hu
I just watch A LOT of cooking shows and bon appetite & bing with babish are the shows that actually make me hungry. But let’s be honest, whenever something looks good I end up craving what they’re making
Bird ankles
The way he holds his fork gives me anxiety
Fun fact, Chilean Seabass is actually a fish called Patagonian Toothfish. It was fished to near extinction and is still making efforts to recover due to it's long lifespan and long time to be breed ready from birth.\n\nIt's so expensive because there isn't much of it left.
Brandun Thornton
Banish, you should make some foods from Skyrim elder scrolls V. Kinda bring back the gaming foods
Brian the Trainer
And meanwhile Babish was cooking \n*raptor open the kitchen door* 😂😂😂
British Cook
:D The shaving cream trick is still making me laugh out loud.
Cason Almario
Do you know how to cook
Cheeto Ayon
When i saw that whipped cream, i knew it wasnt up to par. No whipped cream will ever be that clean and smooth.
Christopher Szakacsi
Why is there a live chat?
Do the Sluzzlewurst from Gumball.
Dark Shadow
I would be interested in seeing your take on some food from the Fallout games. That would be a really cool suggestion to see on your channel \n\nThank you for all the great content keep it up 👍
David Lee Bass
awesome video. I came
Dean C
Can we have a Binging With Babish branded Tiny-Whisk™ ?
Derek Goode
off topic, but awesome wrist watch.
Was the beginning supposed yo be a reference to something? ._.
Dutch Duk
Not one for fish but another good episode, I got nothing else to say today just some good cooking
Bologna, tomato and ketchup Michael Scott’s favorite sub.
Edge YouTube
Ellie TheGreat
You should really make a book called Clean Plate Club where you write about all of your favorite recipes that made the spot, sorted into recipes that are from the show and recipes that you just really enjoy on or off camera
EmeraldSentinel92 Alpha
Ethan Munger
Evie Infinite
*You should try making the \
Fallout Plays
Babby spared no expense
*_Michael Crichton wants to know your location_*
Glenn Yeoh
Ever thought about joining master chef?
the whipped cream is shaving cream, there’s cardboard between the pancakes, there’s a ramekin in the bowl, and the syrup is motor oil\n\nand there’s also dish soap in the beer (thanks guys)
You know a good recipe our buddy Babish here needs to tackle eventually:\n\nLobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pâté, brandy and a fried egg on top, and Spam\n\nWith a lethally delicious Salmon Mousse for dessert. ;)
When I was a kid, I thought the food was all dinosaur meat
This is some fancy ‘your mother in law is coming over’ type of dish.\n*Yes Karen I totally cook like this everyday.*
Courtesy of Tiny Whisk™️
James Sides
Can we please get an episode of you making a disk from Shokugeki no Soma? Some of the recipes look so fun!
Jaser Cervantes
Do the \
Jay Man055
Do tortillas and creme Brule from the office please
Jayven Mariscal Rios
Please Make a Tripple Goober Berry Sundae!!\n\n\n\n\nI know this comment will be ignored
Jessie Ortiz
Try to make the jelly fish sandwich by sponge bob lol
Joey Ramone
😤 😋
King Mobile
Pecan pie\u003eall pie
$30 A POUND!? Oh my God, I never realized how valuable our lovely sea bass is. Like, I used to live in a small fisher town and had sea bass every day. And even though now I live in Santiago, every weekend we have fish for lunch. Very cool video Babish!
Kristen White
Make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake make thunder cake
What's up with so many people pronouncing it Chill-ay-ahn these days? It's actually Chill-yun -- like onion -- check the UN website -- even on Jurassic Park -- revisit that too!
Lisa Fenix
But will you pair it with an aggressive zinfandel? ;)
Mac Millan
If you have any left you should make it Dethklok style. Sugar crusted, bacon wrapped and seared in a platinum pan just how Nathan likes it.
Marcelo Flores
I wait for the day we get some Ghibli Food. Also when you can try something from MLP or even dare try something from Chowder.
Marie Davidson
waiting for that babish branded kitchenware merch
Moist Gnome
Babish was so preoccupied with whether or not he could make this video he didn't stop to think if he should!
Chili Sean Bean -Dyslexiaboi
FUN FACT: Chilean Sea Bass isn’t a real fish, it’s called that because if you knew the real name of the fish you’d never buy it.\n\nHow appetizing does a Patagonian ToothFish sound? 😋😅
Can you make the foods from Crazy Rich Asians?
Panda Pocky
Tiny whisk is my favorite character 3:03
As soon as i saw the non melted whipped cream i thought of that photo tricks vid and instantly knew it was shaving cream lmao
Patriot Cat
What, no menthol?\n\nFun fact: the actor who played Dodgson is a pedo. So next time you think about “ Dodgson, we got Dodgson here!” It’s probably the 13 year old he got high with and banged that’s calling him out.
Peanut Turner
Babish!! We've got Babish here!! See, nobody cares...... 👍🍰
Peeled Apple
Babish can you make branzino or the sandwich Peter orders at delmars from Spider-Man homecoming as a tribute to Stan lee
Perception Matters
Eddies million dollar cook off: The Chicken Volcano
Yay he finally knows what the food photographers use for whipping cream
*Bubble Bass Wants To Know Your Location*
Rondelle McGee
Please do crab rangoon from Farcry 4
Rui Lopes
Ryan Jay Avila
Ooooh. Ypu should definitely make Max's Beer Batter Maple Bacon Spring Break Cupcake from 2 Broke girls ❤❤❤
Ryan Khairul
Make the 'Death Sandwich' from Regular Show.
Ryan Lopez
Tiny Wisk BWB merch????????
food from red dead redemption 2
Sauce Stache
How many people will understand why there is Barbasol on that pie??
Sheldon Gunby
I watch a lot of Cooking shows on TV and YouTube and they all Sous-Vide. But for some reason, you're the ONLY one enticing me to actually buy one and use it.\nEdit: And buy a tiny whisk
Hey, since nobody has mentioned it yet, Babish, wtf? You knew ahead of time the toothfish was overfished and you still made this video? Endangered, no, but NOAA estimates that for every one Chilean Sea Bass legally caught two are harvested illegally. That’s a big deal. I never caught where you moved to, somewhere near New York or something, super far from the water or a place that cares about the conservation of water life, but it’s a big deal to a lot of people. If a 10 second mention in a movie can affect the livelihood of a species, why provoke stupid people into trying out your recipe and driving up the demand? Nice little ass covering cod note at the end of the description; I’m sure everyone will read that. Take this video down. Save a species dude.
You should make the marshmallow and m&m chili from \
Steve Chen
Do hundred foot journey!!!
That one guy
Why not try making the meatloaf from Jonny test you know that really bad looking meat loaf Jonny test’s dad makes lol
The Forbidden Fruit
Dude the kitchen looks like the kitchen from the Jurassic park movie
Missed opportunity to do this for Jurassic Park's 25th anniversary a few months ago, but either way, I was dying to see this happen. Amazing as always.
La wea pulenta conchetumare buen trabajo pelao culiao.
Tim freshice
We need a cloudy with a chance of meatballs special
Can we PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE get a second part to the shrimp episode???
Viva Chile mierdaaaaaa
Waheed Abdullah
Since Stephen Hillenburg passed away, make either one of these foods(or do a special) from Spongebob Squarepants:\n1. Holographic Meatloaf from, The Algae's Always Greener(But this time it's real instead of holographic)\n2. Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly\n3. Heavenly Paradise from Patrick's Coupon episode\n4. Rainbowger from Plankton's Color Nullifier short\n5. Weenie Patty, Pizza Patty, Noodle Patty, & Burrito Patty from Spongebob You're Fired episode\n6. Night Patty from The Night Patty episode(Krabby Patty with gray food coloring)
William Azrai Holmes
Do chocobars from yokai watch.
Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish
Sweet potato 🍠\n\n\n\n\n\nYEET POTATO 😂😂😂🍠🔥
Zach Choi ASMR
Hands up if you watched Jurassic Park so many times you could recognize the dish before reading the title
[XPL] Max_80
what happened to the third piece of fish?
aki bono
el pescado chileno, que es rico por la chucha, y siempre se va a otros paises, aqui lo venden caro y alla tambien, pero alla sera mas facil adquerirlo por los estandares de vida y sueldos en general? mmmmh...
how about more dishes from shokugeki no soma?
cameron robertson
3:16 wow Babby you've upgraded from you hand to a siv! How FoodSafe of you
jacob cook
Do one of the pies from regular show season 4 episode 4
mollie f
Is there a reason he lights his stove with his own torch? Do you think the automatic lighter is broken, or there’s some other reason he does it himself?
4:05 Last filet of fish had it's skin on the opposite side of the rest of the fish slices you goddamn liar
Please attempt Chidi's Chili of existential crisis from The Good Place.
The sad part is that nobody took a single bite of any of their food during that part in jurassic park.
I was like \
tiny whisk is my favorite anime caracter 0w0
ID his wrist watch anyone?
I was expecting a rendition of the pudding/pie the kids eat at the raptor buffet lol
I always thought that was a pile of shredded cheese or carrots when I watched the movie
zocker on xbox 1241
yummy that looks very good love ur vids