Aly AJ Greatest Time of Year

"Greatest Time of Year" is the first and only single from Aly & AJ's Christmas album Acoustic Hearts of Winter. The single was used for The Santa Clause 3, similar to the way Hilary Duff's song "Santa Clause Lane" was used for The Santa Clause 2, and the music video also had scenes from the film. The video first aired on October 16, 2006 on the Disney Channel. The single debuted at number 96 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.It was released to iTunes as a single version with the beginning chorus cut off like in the video as well as an 8 second snippet just before the bridge. The cover of the single is also included, despite that it wasn't a mainstream single release.The song is also featured in Disney's holiday albums, Disney Channel Holiday and All Wrapped Up. The version in Disney Channel Holiday is the album version, while the version in All Wrapped Up is a new edit, which has no bridge, and ended with a live-audience sound.The music video was directed by Declan Whitebloom. The video does not include the intro but instead skips to the first verse of the song, and it also leaves out a small 8 second snippet just before the bridge. There are no other differences. The music video first aired on Disney Channel after Twitches in October 2006. Disney has begun airing it more frequently once The Santa Clause 3 came out in theaters and its Billboard debut. A version without any Santa Clause 3 scenes is featured on MTV.comGreatest Time of Year by Aly & AJfrom the album Acoustic Hearts of WinterReleased: September 2006 (U.S.)(see release history)Format: Digital downloadRadio Disney singleRecorded: 2006Genre: Pop Rock, ChristmasLength: (All Wrapped Up Version)Label: HollywoodWriter(s): Alyson Michalka, Amanda Michalka, Antonina Armato, Tim James

Acoustic Hearts of Winter Aly & AJ Alyson Michalka Amanda Michalka Antonina Armato Christmas Declan Whitebloom Greatest Time of Year Tim James

This brings sooo many memories thax fie tje upload and happy holidays eveyone :D
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Thanks!! greatest quality so far :D\n
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I can tell their lip sinking.
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I remember this I loved this song
I love this song! So many memories...
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favorite christmas song