Black Dog

Provided to YouTube by Warner Music GroupBlack Dog · Led ZeppelinMothership (Remastered)℗ 2007 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.Guitar, Producer: Jimmy PageDrums: John BonhamBass Guitar: John Paul JonesVocals: Robert PlantWriter: Jimmy PageComposer, Writer: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul JonesWriter: Robert PlantWriter: John Paul JonesAuto-generated by YouTube.

Black Dog Led Zeppelin Mothership (Remastered)

- Decongested
Fifty people don't think Black Dogs Matter..\n\nSmh.\n\nBDM
2017. Zeppelin still rules. God didn't fool around when He made this band.
Abbigail Hepperle
This is my jam
Wheres the pot at.
Addie Parzych
I Live for the riff
Adolf Hitmaker
Well they aint no Taylor Swift, but I guess this tungsten blimp or whatever might make it one day if they keep practicing. I mean, their drummer should probably be replaced though.
Alex Ozorio
December 28, 2018.
When I put the headphones on my Boxer Dog he just literally digs the hell out of this song.
Andrew Slutz
117 people should be thrown down a well.
Bee Boi
Why did it take me until today to realise the guitar string scrapes at the start are a DOG PANTING
Billy Schweisguth
Hey, Everyone Who Disliked This Video:\nThat's not what people mean by down and out so it's OK to change that dislike to a like.\nI don't know, but I've been told, dislikers ain't got no soul
taken king anyone.... \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\ngood times in d1😓✌
Blaze McCombie
“Great, now i’ll never remember all your names!”\nTaken king titan
Brandon Higgins
Guitar straight into the board. What a crazy idea. How awesome did it turn out though?
Cavalio Thorson
Sounds like this inspired the opening theme of Trigun but what do I know?
Channel Zig
Jimmy: Think I should tell John that this song is NOT in 4/4?\nRobert: I will kill you where you stand.
Classic Rap And Hip Hop
1.6 million bit only 600 comments?
Corinne r.p
Oml, this is so much better than the crap in my generation.....
2019 and we are still here!
Denise Carter
the Led Zep haters go for today's shit like Justin Bieber or Beastie Boys kids stuff! Led Zeppelin would blow them off stage in there prime!
This is that song I keep hearing in Guitar Center
Donna Do
The sound is purrfect!! Thank you.
Dylan Depetro
There ain't nothing that can beat the classics. NOTHING!
Dylan Watson
I love it every time when Robert and the guys say \
Elizabeth Gonzalez
[Verse 1]\nHey, hey, mama, said the way you move\nGonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove\nAh, ah, child, way you shake that thing\nGonna make you burn, gonna make you sting\nHey, hey, baby, when you walk that way\nWatch your honey drip, I can't keep away\n\n[Chorus]\nOh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh\nOh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh\n\n[Verse 2]\nI got to roll, can't stand still\nGot a flaming heart, can't get my fill\nEyes that shine, burning red\nDreams of you all through my head\nAh-ah, ah-ah\nAh-ah, ah-ah\nAh-ah, ah-ah, ahh\n\n[Bridge]\nHey baby, oh baby, pretty baby\nTell me would you do me now\nHey baby, oh baby, pretty baby\nMove me while you groove me now\n\n[Verse 3]\nTake too long 'fore I found out\nWhat people mean by down and out\nSpent my money, took my car\nStarted tellin' her friend she' gon' be a star\nI don't know, but I've been told\nA big-legged woman ain't got no soul\n\n[Chorus]\nOh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh\nOh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh\n\n[Verse 4]\nAll I ask for, all I pray\nSteady rollin' woman gonna come my way\nNeed a woman gonna hold my hand\nWon't tell me no lies, make me a happy man\nAh-ah, ah-ah\nAh-ah, ah-ah\nAh-ah, ah-ah, ahh\n\n[Instrumental]\n\n[Outro]\nHey baby, pretty baby, oh baby\nHey baby, pretty baby, oh baby\nHey baby, pretty baby, oh baby
Enrique Tovar
238 ppl had there phones upside down and thought it was the like button
Ethan Hammond
you can hear Jimmy page switching to a different pick up if you listen closely in between pauses where Robert sings
Fanatic Gaming
Calling it now this with the trailer music for Call of Duty: Black ops IIII launch trailer
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3.6K people were jamming so hard that they accidentally pressed the dislike button
One of the top album in sales, 37 million. Great album, but not their best. \n1. Physical Grafatti\n2. Houses of the Holy\n3. Zep III\n4. Presence\n5. Zep IV
Fred Arbanscub
I ONLY WANT YOU( WHEN YOU'RE NOT AROUND) Cool 70's style rock song. By GLITTER DOGS. Hear on YouTube Spotify & iTunes
Fred Flip
tastes better than custard dripping from a ded dogs I
Gee Man
Bonham’s patterns: surprisingly complex and inventive. Such were the times. Yay the 70s!
Gibson Gold
looks like 617 people thought it was the download button\n:(\nso sad
Giuseppe Iorio
the first song of led zeppelin i listened 35 years 14 was a shock
Hapsburg-thot stompa RommelKEK
I don't know what I've been told but a big legged woman ain't got no soul.\nLed Zeppelin THOT patrol
Still better then anything out today
Jack Rossi
great band
Jerry Gaming
Destiny: Taken King...\n3 Years Ago
Jim M
Sad... 140 people thought it was a download button...
Jodi Torres
Long live rock n roll🤘🎸
John Kapferer
‘I don’t know but I been told, that a woman with big legs ain’t got no soul’\nI’m going to take that for granted
Justin J.
Destiny The Taken King Trailer brought me here.
Kateri Freeman
OMG! I'm in my teens again!!
I play this song very often
these guys sound like greta van fleet
Lauren Michaud
Whenever I hear this song reminds me of that 70s show. The background music.
Led Floyd
Thank God for you the only other black dog on YouTube is higher pitched and sped up
Madison Avaey Barringer Slatten
Oh Hell yes I love this.🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
Marcos Luna
Apparently this song was inspired in part by fleetwood macs \
Mark Navarro
What my dad used to bump off the Kenwood every weekend. Rattled the doors and windows all night.
McFinnigan McHammerSchmidt
When I think of sex, I think of this song. The guitar work is nothing short of godly. A Masterpiece of Rock and Roll.
Michael Schantzen
Watch you're honey drip can't keep away hell ya 😛
Michele G
Bonham plays a 6/8 time while the other two play 3/4 and Robert sings 4/4 blues song! If that isn't great musicianship then nothing is!
Moose Mechanic
After the first 3 minutes is when I really start liking it
If this isn't music to you then idk what music is.
Nallely Bravo
The BEST freaking band
Noah The baller
Led Zeppelin for life
Noble6s e.y
Hope im not the only mexican here that loves led zeppelin.
Omar Ali
Guys this is Classic Black music sang by a White boy
Pat Bateman
Damone's 5 point plan brought me here
Paul Tevnan
The very essence of rock and roll
PowerHit 600
That’s kinda loud...can you turn it up some more
Ray Langley
If it weren't for Led Zep hard rock wouldn't have been as great as it is yes AC DC and Black Sabbath were great But Zep changed how everyone viewed real hard rock \nmusic
You can't go wrong with Zeppelin
Reed Samples
The solo at 0:40 seems crazy hard to me. at 0:46 or so he goes completely out of time as far as I can tell, and idk if he has an in-ear met or something to pull that off, but that is impressive. Happens again at 2:38 and maybe even a third time later in the song.
Reilly Bolton
Taken King,anyone?
Riley Amelia
the 70s were the times of good music. remember this kids.
Rob Mitchell
This was the first Zep album I fell in love with......IV. Black Dog was the reason.
Scarfy Scout
Been working on my apology letter all week.
Sebastian Laub
John Bonham kept the groove with the pace of Jimmy playing the guitar. Do you know how difficult that is? Instead of riding the groove of the bass guitar, he flipped the script, and did one of the most unorthodox techniques. fucking killed it haha. RIP to Mr. Bonham. Legendary.
Shreen Zaki
This music will give you chills,good vibes,and no matter what rock and roll will live forever....spark it ..😤💨💨💨👌
Spliff Maraj
love this song
Steve Stavropoulos
I'd like to study a broad in France.....
Story Cat
I listen to this song while killing people in COD or destiny
Strafe 38
took me two years to find this
Taylor Suitor
if you don't think this is music then you don't know anything about music
The Irish Dove
3.7 k people are stoned
The golden gaming bros
the bassist made the riff
I don't know but I've been told,\n443 people ain't got no soul...
Tim Weiss
I don't care what any motherlovinsonsagun says Bonham is still the greatest blues/rock drummer ever.
The crazy thing is that John Bonham is playing in 3/4 time while the rest is in 4/4 time. That's how amazing Bonzo is.
Trevor Heaton
Led-Zeppelin now that's really music 🎶 \n⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Truman Sharp
The reason JB gets more views than this is because the big corporations are always shoving them in our face. Led Zep gets by on the pure greatness of their music, not some big wig media shark
Zach Will
Waiting for a Greta Van Fleet cover of this....
Ziggy Lothbrook
John Paul Jones created this riff and it's classic
angel tadeo
yeah! Nirvana :v
can we get 4,862 subs with no videos oh wait
I am 13 and get made fun of for listening to this music but it's worth it
Even the name 'Led Zeppelin'....\nis bad ass!! \nBest rock far!
First rap song? You have to admit, this was an extremely unique song for the time. I think we hear it so much that we forget how truly out there and different it was for the early 70s.
emory parvin
reply what your favorite led zeppelin song beside this one is
nicole H.Z
Hey, hey mama said the way you move\nGon' make you sweat, gon' make you groove\nAh ah child way ya shake that thing\nGon' make you burn, gon' make you sting\nHey, hey baby when you walk that way\nWatch your honey drip, I can't keep away\n\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\n\nI gotta roll I can't stand still\nGot a flamin' heart can't get my fill\nWith eyes that shine, burnin' red\nDreams of you all through my head\n\nAh ah ah ah ah ah\nAh ah ah ah ah ah ah\n\nHey baby, whoa my baby, my pretty baby\nDarlin' makes 'em do it now\nHey baby, oh my baby, my pretty baby\nMove the way you're doin' now\n\nDidn't take too long 'fore I found out\nWhat people mean by down and out\nSpent my money, took my car\nStarted tellin' her friends she gon' be a star\nI don't know but I been told\nA big legged woman ain't got no soul\n\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, ah ah\nOh yeah, oh yeah ah, ah, yeah\n\nAll I ask for all I pray\nSteady rollin' woman gon' come my way\nNeed a woman gonna hold my hand\nWon't tell me no lies, make me a happy man\n\nAh ah ah ah ah ah\nAh ah ah ah ah ah, ah\n\nOh yeah\nDarlin' makes 'em do it now\nYeah-yeah. yeah-yeah. yeah-yeah\nDarlin' makes 'em do it now\nBabe! babe!\nWooh, keep doin' it babe\n\nhey\n(Busted) hey\n(Busted) hey\n(Busted) hey\n\nhey, yeah\n(Busted) hey, yeah\n(Busted) hey, yeah\nOh, yeah\n\nOh-ah\n(Well done)\n\nDarlin' makes 'em do it now\nDarlin' makes 'em do it now
Black Ops 4 is gonna use this as the trailer song
that riff at the beggining that continues through the song has got to be one of the best of all time, cant wait to learn it one of my favourites
Sometimes you just gotta hear this
Hope dislikers drop dead
NASA should of put this on the gold record they sent with the Voyager 1 spacecraft, that will tell aliens who we are.