Stiles derek rise above

Derek Stiles | Inside Out


Sterek Video #3 and I actually like this one! Warning for Sexually suggestive content. Mostly this video is just my slashy fanfic filled ...

Love Interruption (Derek/Stiles)


So this is a tv show called Teen Wolf. I know, I know, but its really good! Especially because of these two idiots. I love them dearly.

I wont let you drown | derek/stiles


Everytime you watch this in HD, Derek Hale smiles. I clicked the upload button after three months! Omg Im moved, lemme go grab ...

[[CLOSER]] (Derek|Stiles)


Warning: Flashing Images. This video also contains suggestive themes. If you are easily offended then do not watch. Song: Closer ...

Derek/Stiles - The Vow (Trailer)


In the last five years a lot has changed for Stiles. He graduated from highschool, he doesns 24, ...

Derek/Stiles - Not Over


For those who miss Sterek as much as I do) warning: male/male scenes.

Stiles/Derek - {Your heart is a mess}


PLEASE WATCH IN HD 720p (better, better, better) This is a au-couple, I know blablablabla, but cant you see the potential they ...

derek x stiles || but he loves you


HD IS YOUR BEST FRIEND* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for  ...

[[I wanna see]] (Derek|Stiles)


BEST VIEWED IN 480p Timing and qualitty might be a little off with the upload to Youtube. This is a ...

Stiles Derek | I choose to go blind


Video: Teen wolf 1-2 (up to 2x08) Warning: SLASH!! Dont watch!! Rating: R Audio: Ane Brun - Are they saying ...

Rise above - Sterek (STFR)


Toute première vidéo, yes ! Caimez pas personne ne vous oblige à regarder bien sur).

Fix You | Derek Stiles


Song: Fix You Artist: Coldplay Show: Teen Wolf Characters: Derek, Stiles This is mainly a character study on both parties and how ...

stiles derek | rise above


| WATCH IN HD no, your eyes are not decieving you ...

Soulmates Never Die [Stiles/Derek] • AU Canon


720p for best quality. Sound is optimised for headphones / hi-fi. Read the PLOT in description below. PLOT: Stiles and Derek have ...